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2 min readApr 9, 2021


We build $400 houses primarily for widows taking care of orphans in Kenya, and its been an amazing thing to see how it has transform lives for only $400. And not only that, The $400 meet to humanitarian need but it also meets a spiritual need and that we start home churches in those houses.

The Bag Ladies Show is about living a life of service/funding projects to provide assistance to women in need here and abroad through the sale of handbags and purses/and to encourage people to use their gifts and talents to find purpose.

Tonight we have some great purses and bags you can buy at thebagladiesshow.com to help us keep building $400 houses in Kenya. You can also help us by Liking our Facebook page, give a review, subscribe, etc. You can also make a donation on our website to build a house; $200/$100

This Episode We Cover:

• The $400 House — 9:06
• American House — 2:10
• The Bag Ladies Show — 23:16
• I will give my life to you. A song written by Ronna Jordan I wrote for Kenya, produced by Arthur Luay, choreographed by Judy Mann, and interpretive ballet by Tiana Winer — 32:44
• This week’s Raffle Drawing Winner — 25:40
• Famous quote of the day by Booker T. Washington — “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

American Houses:

• Average square footage of house in U.S. is 1700 square feet.
• Average number of people who live in U.S. house is 2.3.
• Most homeowners stay in their homes about 6 years.
• There are about 300,000 items in American homes. • The average cost of a kitchen remodel is over $10,000
• Televisions are usually the centerpiece of living rooms in America • Average cost of home in the U.S. is $287,000.

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This Week’s Drawing Winner is Ginger Roberts from Fort Worth, Texas –CONGRATULATIONS!

Crush it this week with Compassion!

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This Episode: The $400 House | The Bag Ladies Show Special Episode

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