Ep:07 — The Purpose and Possibilities with Vince Trujillo | Digital Agency Owner & Producer

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2 min readMar 18, 2021


We have a great interview to share today with our very own producer of The Bag Ladies Show. He’s also the owner of his own digital agency and YouTube channel. Vince has a fascinating and inspiring story of his metamorphis, from a guy living in the fast lane to someone who wants to use his gifts and marketing genius to help people who are making a difference.

Vince’s journey evolve into one of service and compassion and an example for all of us about living a life of purpose. Visit VinceTrujillo.com to learn more about his projects.

This Episode We Cover:

  • The Bag Ladies Giving Back & Living Lives of Service
  • Interview Vince Trujillo — Purpose and Possibilities — 3:17
  • National Awkward Moments Day — 00:30
  • Causes That Help Women Who Are Struggling: Affordable Housing, Water, and Education.
  • Famous quote of the Day by Jane Bunyan — 43:52
  • This Week’s Drawing Winner — 43:14

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This is National Awkward Moments Day and here are some top awkward moments:

  • Forgetting the punch line to a joke you told
  • Thinking someone is waving at you but they’re really waving at someone else
  • Sending a text message to the wrong person
  • Going the whole day not knowing there’s food stuck in your teeth
  • Going in for the hug when the other person is going in for the handshake

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This Episode:
Vince Trujillo,
The Purpose and Possibilities

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